Where To Buy Battle Skipper Stuff
The Right Stuf
Central Park Media
  • The home of US Manga Corps. You can but the video here for $12.95 each. You can get some Battle Skipper cels here for cheap $7 to $15 dollars. Also you can pick up Battle Skipper comics for 2.95 each.
  • You can buy video 1 here for $11.66. You can also get the DVD for 26.99.
Anime Otaku
  • You can get a Battle Skipper poster here for $8.00 dollars. They have the tapes $12.95 each. The movie (all three in one) is 24.99. The DVD is 29.99.
Battle Skipper Reika at HobbyLink Japan
  • A resin model of Reika. It is 9,800 yen or about $93.16
Anime Laser Disks at J.I.G.S.
  • Under B you can find Laser Disks for Battle Skipper 2 & 3. They are 5,631 yen or about $53.53.
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