Battle Skipper Quiz
1. The Girls go to what school?

2. What was the name of bank Todo robbed in the frist episode?

3. The title of the frist episode is?

4. Saori Meets Father Gilbert in what room after class?

5. Shihoko uses what weapon in episode 2?

6. The card the police find in episode 1 says?

7. What is on Saori's pajamas in episode 2?

8. Rie is what at heart?

9. Sayka's family owns?

10. Rie uses what weapon to fight in episode 1?

11. What is the thrid rule of the Equite club?

12. The Exstars hidden base is called?

13. When Todo combines Battle Skippers in episode 2 what does he call it?

14. Rika is related to who?

15. What is the Equite club secrect?

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