Added some new links for where to buy Battle Skipper Stuff.
Added some new info the the info page. Added a new counter. Added some links.
Bah! I always mean to update this page but I don't! Sorry! Small changes fixed the TAGWR.
I still need to work on the BS webring. I changed the guestbook to dreambook because guestworld deleated all my entries. Changed a few links and a few other minor things.
Added links to Amazon.com to the tapes and soundtrack so you can now buy them from Amazon and when you do you help out this site! In other news I plan on re-working the Battle Skipper Web Ring page, with all the changes at webring I need to change a few things. It should be done in about a week.
Added a bunch of links to the links page. Added more info. on the Battle Skipper Soundtrack. Added two new stores to get Battle Skipper stuff at.
Added linking buttons and a few more links
Moved to popanime.net. Changed the look to the page. Added who the English voice actors were. Added a few new things, hopping to do a little more with this site soon.
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