I can’t believe it’s been something like six years since I’ve updated the main site.  Life has a way of going unexpected places and making one really busy.  The internet has also changed in the last few years.  Wikipedia sites taking over the old fan-sites, MySpace then Facebook taking over the old personal page, Google SEO killing off webrings, and YouTube allowing for content that, ten years ago no one really imagined.

So here sits my little collective fan-site that I’ve had for over ten years now.  That is a scary thought.  The internet always seemed to transient to me but here is this site still sitting around for ten years.  That’s a long time, a statement perhaps that the internet is not as transient as it once was.

I’m still going to run my little site, because I’ve always like my own little piece of the web.  Some things are in a permanent state of rest as either my interest has waned in them or the need for these sites have gone with the advent of new technologies.  Some I might update on occasion as I get good tidbits for them.  I’ve even recently started a couple of new projects in my Mangabot 3000 blog and my Geek Crafts sites.

All in all who knows where the next ten years of the World Wide Web will take us?

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