Design Subject
This time around the design is inspired from the Visual Novel series Umineko no Naku Koro ni, which is one of my current obsessions. It is bizarre combination of Mystery/Thriller and Fantasy/Horror, full of awesome evil witches and really good music.

Are you crazy or insane?

Can I have some web space on your site?
No, I do not give out any free web space.

But I see you host some sites! Why them?
The only people I host are my good friends. Sorry if I don't know who you are or know you well, I will not give you any web space.

Can I use the edited images on your web site?
No, you may not use any edited images on any of my pages.

Can I use the images in your image galleries?
Yes, you can use any images in image galleries in any of the pages. But, please link back to the page the images came from (it's nice too).

I still have a question!
E-mail me

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