The Battle Skipper Ring

What? Moved again? Sorry about that, this should be the last move for the Battle Skipper Ring.

Want to join?
Here is what it takes:

  • Your need a Battle Skipper page or section of a page.

  • You need the webring on the main page, webrings page(or something of that type), and or on the Battle Skipper site itself

  • And you will need to fill out the following form.

  • And download the logo (if you wish).

  • All you need is prev., the site home and, next you don't need the image.

Now that isn't to bad is it??


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Once your site has been put in the queue, please copy and paste the following HTML Fragment or go to this link: Skipper Fragment. Once you've put it up it should look similar to the one below. Don't forget to change where it says YOUR NAME, YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS, YOUR ID, and the Image address.

The Battle Skipper Ring

Battle Skipper site is owned by YOUR NAME.

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To change any of your info. go to here.
The ring id is skipper

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