Serial Scans

Q: May I use the images in the galleries here?
A: Yes, you can, but please don't take them all just to make your own gallery. If you wish to add a few of them to a gallery you can. If you use any of the images here for a website please link back.

Q: How do I link this site?
A: Any way you want, any link back is welcomed. Please point all links to

Q: Why are some of the images look like they are poor quality?
A: Some of the images are from when I frist got my scanner and at the time I really could not scan well. Like anything else, I got better at scanning over time.

Q: When do all the images come from?
A: Well, a few places:
>The Bronze scans are from Bronze manga #1 ISBN4-08-849841-0
>The Utena movie images came from Tokyo Pop 3-1.
>The Chaos! images came from verious Chaos! covers.
>Misc. images came from a whole bunch of places like post cards, strategy guides, and instruction manuls.
>All the Sailor V images came from Sailor V manga #1 ISBN-962-585-630-7
>The Sailor Moon Coloring Book images came from a SM coloring book I got a comic book store. I really don't know where you would get one from.
>The Sailor Moon Dart cards I got from a local comic book store too. I don't know where to get these either.

Q: Will you add any more images to this site?
A: Yes, when I feel like and what I feel like.