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Brand-X Anime

Brand-X AnimeOne of my earliest designs, that wasn't just slapping some stuff up. This was my orginal collective site, which was popular at the time. At the time all of these sites had different hosts. And considering I bought in '99 these designs are all pre-00s.

Theme: Sailor Moon

Brand-X AnimeThis style of design was pretty popular at the time. Today it looks kind of like butt. Just have to remember everything kind of did back then.

Theme: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Brand-X AnimeThis was one of the first layouts I was really pround of. Again by today's standards it isn't anything. But I think the colors, and the fonts come together well.

Theme: Benkyo Art

Brand-X AnimeI've been pretty obessed with pixel art for a long time. This was one of my earliest attemps at it.

Theme: Orginal Pixel Art

Brand-X AnimeI used a Mara K. desgin and changed it to suit my needs. Unfortunately, long ago the site vanished into the ether.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Brand-X AnimeOne of my few non anime/video games layouts. I look at this one and it needs a lot of help. I must have not had the brightness pretty low on my monitor at the time.

Theme: Trent Reznor