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Where Old Things Go...

The Sailor Moon Grab Bag

Sailor Moon Grab BagAs you can tell by now the whole page it black and white and used nothing but manga images. This layout dates back to around 1999.

Theme: Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Moon Grab BagThis was going to the replacement splash page but I never got to use it.

Theme: Usagi

Sailor Moon Grab BagAhhh....The Sailor Moon Grab Bag my very frist page. This was my very last layout for this page. I just couldn't take care of such a large page anymore.

Theme: Sailor Tin Nyanko

Sailor Moon Grab BagWell, I couldn't just get rid of my very first web page I ever made. So, I reopened a static slimed down version of the site.

Theme: Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Grab BagJust a layout change. I like this layout a lot but I would change the way I laid out the title text.

Theme: Usagi