The Bin

Where Old Things Go...


Misc.A sub page with links to the other members of the Ani-manga Domain Group. Nothing much but it does feature the wonderful D.S. from Bastard!!

Theme: Bastard!!

Misc.A layout I was orginaly going to use for Pop Anime. But when my friend Mike said he wanted to do an art site and I had this layout ready, I told him he could use it. It features his art of Mana.

Theme: Orginal Art of Malice Mizer By Mike Link

Misc.This was my final project for my html class. We had to do a fictional business site. So I did mine on my favorite kind of animal turtles. It's very cute.

Theme: Turtles

Misc.My short lived Revolutionary Girl Uten links page. I really liked this layout a lot. To bad my page didn't go where I wanted too. To many people thought I was reviewing pages when I was not.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Misc.This layout has been the layout for the Battle Skipper shcool forever. It's ok, but it's time to retire it.

Theme: Battle Skipper