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Anime Girls Web Ring

The Anime Girls Web RingThe first layout for the Anime Girls Web Ring I ever really liked. I had done a few before but none has a single theme. Once, I went to a single theme I think the layouts had much more cohesion.

Theme: Fushigi Yugi

The Anime Girls Web RingA nice clean and simple layout. I look at it today and I can tell it needs some help but I did make it in 1999.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

The Anime Girls Web RingI was trying to make something like look a little like a futuristic computer interface. Not a great job on that but I do like they layout. To bad it didn't look nice once you changed the resolution from 800x600.

Theme: Lain

The Anime Girls Web RingThis recent one is my frist real use of CSS. I did it for homework in my HTML class. I really really like the way this one turned out.

Theme: One Piece