The Bin

Where Old Things Go...


Un-usedThis site is devoted to scans I've made over the years. I wanted a simple text layout for a page where you would be downloading a lot of graphics.

Theme: Serial Bars

Un-usedThis is Version 2 of the first layout. I just set it up better to look nicer.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Un-usedI really did like this layout. At the time though, I didn't want to do another Utena layout.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Un-usedThe first layout I did for my personal page. I thought it would look cool. In the end it just looked dumb.

Theme: Space

Un-usedAnother layout I made but did not use for my personal site. This was a second one I had made. I really dig this one. I don't know why I never ended up using it.

Theme: Serial Experiments Lain

Un-usedI really loved this layout but could not get it to work right. To bad too, I really dug this one too. Koji looked really good in this one too, but I could not get him to stand straight. ::Snickers::

Theme: Bronze: Zetsuai

Un-usedThe one and only Christmas layout I made for the site. The tree was done by yours truly. But it looked terrible so I didn't use it.

Theme: Christmas

Un-usedThis was a very cute Chu Chu Rocket layout for Pop Anime. I didn't know what to do with the sub-pages, so it got canned. Chu chu!

Theme: Chu Chu Rocket

Un-usedYes, more Utena then you can shake a stick at. Ok you could shake a stick at it but that is really pointless. It was kind of blah, so I did not use it.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Un-usedThis was a 404 page to go with my Gourry layout. I got annoyed with the frames in the Gourry layout so I caned it and the 404 page also.

Theme: Slayers

Un-usedYes, still another Utena layout that I did not use for Pop Anime. I liked this layout a lot, but it would not work in Netscape. >_<

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Un-usedThis was the original birthday layout for Pop Anime. I thought it sucked, because it does. Bah!

Theme: Orginal Pixel Art