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Pop Anime

Pop AnimeMiaka, I drew myself I put this one together is about 10 minutes but it was just so I could have something on my domain when I was uploading stuff. I used my own fan art for this one.

Theme: Fushigi Yugi

Pop AnimeI really liked this desgin. It was an old one I didn't use for Brand-X but I liked it so much I re-did it for Pop Anime. Now I look at it and it looks like a big mess.

Theme: King of Fighters

Pop AnimeThis one had a cool kinda retro look to it. I really like the pic of Akio from the Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie manga and I had to use it.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pop AnimeThis was a hollowen layout. It was very simple but I really liked it, plus Vampire Hunter D was the frist anime movie I saw. So it gives me warm fuzzy feelings. ^_^

Theme: Vampire Hunter D

Pop AnimeMy frist time with frames. I really liked the look and everything worked correctly. But their was something about how the site worked i did not like.

Theme: Slayers

Pop AnimeThis is one of my all time favorite layouts. Its green, its got Sailor Jupiter (my fav sailor), and it is darn spiffy. And that table was a bitch to make!

Theme: Sailor Moon

Pop AnimeMy New Year layout. It was dark, and simple.. I really like simple layouts but I think this one pushed it a bit far.

Theme: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pop AnimeMMMM..Koji. I liked this layout a lot too. I think it was Koji. It too was very simple.

Theme: Bronze: Zetsuai

Pop AnimeThe Ash Pikachu image was just to cute to pass up on using. Though it was kinda of odd right after Koji. I liked it but it needed something more, I still don't know what.

Theme: Pokemon

Pop AnimeRivals do it Best! I was in an Revolutionary Girl Utena mood and my friend Ken loves rivals so this is for her.

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pop AnimeYet, another Revolutionary Girl Utena layout. This one has a different feel to it don't you think?

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pop AnimeYea! Something different Serial Experiments Lain! I really dug this layout. The thing with this one was it was only perfect in IE.

Theme: Serial Experiments Lain

Pop AnimeMy 4th Revolutionary Girl Utena layout and my second Akio layout. I thought this one was funny. Akio butt version. You know you want to look at his butt.?

Theme: Revolutionary Girl Utena

Pop AnimeYeah, more Koji! I really liked this style of layout. Simple sharp and looks nice.

Theme: Bronze: Zetsuai

Pop AnimeNot an adventurous layout, but it was a birthday present for a friend. I thought it looked nice though.

Theme: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Pop AnimeI was trying to do something a little more interesting. I think managed to. I really liked how this layout looked.

Theme: Rival Schools

Pop AnimeMore work one trying to do something a little different for me. This one turned out great. I really, really liked this layout. It came out so well.

Theme: The Bouncer

Pop AnimeA cute layout useing a scan from one of my Persona manga.

Theme: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona

Pop AnimeI went back to a look with every thing on the main page instead of sub-pages with sub-pages. I think this turned out rather nice.

Theme: BubbleGum Crisis

Pop AnimeA great pic of D.S for Bastard!! looking serious. I look at this now and see that goddamed 3 band layout!

Theme: Bastard!!

Pop AnimeJust a layout using an image from The Crow comic.

Theme: The Crow

Pop AnimeThis one was for Valentine's Day. Cute and pink!

Theme: Crytalis

Pop AnimeMy now exboyfriend gave me his squishy Servbots and so this layout was devoted to him.

Theme: MegaMan

Pop AnimeFunky One Piece layout out. I'm sure someday the amout of One Piece layouts will rival Revolutionary Girl Utena layouts.

Theme: One Piece

Pop AnimeThe first site I made in Dream Weaver. It was pratice for my HTML class.

Theme: Shin Megami Tensei